The Lastest Fashion News In May 2020

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1. 5 ’90s Shoe Trends That You’ll See Everywhere This Summer

It’s no secret that ‘90s trends are a hit among nostalgic shoppers looking to channel bygone fashion eras. Slip dresses, denim jackets, tracksuits, dad sneakers: the list of favorites from the grunge decade run the gamut. They give you a dose of that famed ’90s angst while also making you feel a little bit like flower child Drew Barrymore. And who can argue with that look? Not you! When it comes to those pieces that totally transform your look, however, the buck stops at shoes. Styling a heel with a pair of jeans, slipping into sneakers and a sundress, or giving your summer skirts some edge by adding boots, a shoe can change it all. Good news is, there are tons of ‘90s shoe trends to (quite literally) try on for size, so you can transform every outfit into a ‘90s dream.

Photos: Courtesy of Anna of the North, Bosco, Raffaela Hanley, Suzi Analog, Venus X

2. 5 Artists on What They’ve Learned About Style From Their Mothers

When unraveling all of the composite pieces that make up an artist’s sense of style, there are various threads one can pull apart. Maybe old film characters come up, or even more frequently, the aesthetic leanings of other iconic artists that they grew up admiring. Beyond the culture one might have actively consumed as a teenager, childhood experiences come into play just as frequently—some people recount the impression that watching their grandmothers or aunts getting outfitted in their Sunday best for church left on them, while others cite their mothers’ closets as perennial influences.


3. 12 Cloth Face Masks To Shop Now And Support Young Designers

When the call came for designers to begin creating masks and protective gear for healthcare workers, fashion names from LVMH to L.L. Bean stepped in to help. With masks becoming a requirement in many public settings, our favorite up-and-coming fashion brands are have begun offering inventive options that go beyond a bandana. Below, some of our favorite designers, from L.A. to Detroit to Rhode Island, who are creating their own non-medical fashion face masks, many of them with charitable components. Staying safe in style, helping out a small business, and giving back to those in need? That’s a win-win-win.

Saint Laurent Ready to Wear Womenswear Fall/Winter 2020/2021.VIRGILE/GAMMA-RAPHO VIA GETTY IMAGES

4. Saint Laurent Steps Off Schedule for Its 2020 Fashion Shows

The brand will no longer participate in Paris Fashion Week for the rest of the year. The novel coronavirus, its related lockdowns, and the cancelation of major fashion weeks in June and July have the fashion industry intensely questioning its status quoSaint Laurent is the latest brand to try something new: On April 27, the Parisian house announced that it would move off schedule for the remainder of 2020. While Paris’s menswear fashion week was already canceled in June, many have assumed that fashion weeks could resume, in some form, in September. If they do, Saint Laurent won’t be there. In a release, the brand noted, “Saint Laurent will take ownership of its calendar and launch its collections following a plan conceived with an up-to-date perspective, driven by creativity.”


5. J.Crew Is the First National Retailer to File for Bankruptcy During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sad news for fans of seersucker, gingham, and preppy stripes. J.Crew has filed for bankruptcy. Or rather, J.Crew Group, the company that owns the J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, and Madewell brands, has filed for bankruptcy. On Monday, it became the first national retailer to do so in the wake of COVID-19, and CEO Jan Singer said in a statement: “Throughout this process, we will continue to provide our customers with the exceptional merchandise and service they expect from us, and we will continue all day-to-day operations, albeit under these extraordinary COVID-19-related circumstances. As we look to reopen our stores as quickly and safely as possible, this comprehensive financial restructuring should enable our business and brands to thrive for years to come.”

The Most Stylish Sandals of 2020

With the rise of the temperature, we can’t wait to wear a sling out every day, even the feet want to leak out and breathe the wind. Italian handmade brand Dear Frances, minimalist Toteme, and sandals from Givenchy and Balenciaga have all started to appear in the street. In particular, Bottega Veneta’s square-toed sandals are more popular every year. Supermodel Rosie HW is a BV square-toed shoes “wild spokesperson”. She always used a pair of square-toed sandals to brighten up her daily wear.

Bottega Veneta

Manu Atelier from Turkey has only been established for four years, and has won the hearts of many fashionable people. It has become a brand favored by many fashion bloggers, and even a symbol of taste in the fashion circle. This is inseparable from Mr. Manastır, who has decades of experience in making leather goods. His two daughters, Beste Manastır and Merve Manastır, founded the brand in Turkey in 2014. The unique tastes of the two founders, coupled with their father ’s exquisite leather craftsmanship and their common pursuit of traditional craftsmanship The shoes have both fashion and top quality.

Manu Atelier

TKEES’s naked feeling sandals are also going to be a hot cake. It’s made of one of these three materials: 100% natural cowhide, suede or patent leather, and they are all made by hand, which is very comfortable. Although the style is relatively simple, but there are lots of color choices, so far there are about 70 kinds of color we can choose. That’s means you can also pick a color that suits your skin tone, which is pretty cool.


Okay, did you get the most popular sandals this summer? ! Hurry up and be beautiful ~


Credit: Whaledream

If we live to be the age of 70, we will probably pass by more than two million people, greet more than 25,000 early mornings and evenings and of course eat about 76,000 meals. We probably never calculated it before.

Credit: Whaledream

Some meals are three times a day, some meals are once a year, some meals are only once in a lifetime, some meals are not forgotten, and some meals are in a hurry. This group of images connect friendship, love and affection through casual dinners, overtime meals, wedding banquets, family reunion dinners, etc. It tells the story of different meals and meticulously depicts the life of contemporary young people. Through meals, they gradually convey to the audience the thousand tastes of meals and life. I would like to tell all the people every meal and every other experience deserves to be treated well. I guess this could hit the hearts of most people especially who are wandering and struggling outside.

Credit: Whaledream

I think this indicates the life of most us. There is always a situation that will move you, because we may have the same experience. Time will weaken the taste of food itself, but let every meal can be perceived as sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, perhaps, this is life.

Credit: Whaledream

Last, I can add a brand logo to convey the concept which connects to this story. The appearance of the brand logo will not give people a sense of exclusion. What people see more is the expression of the brand feelings of this enterprise. This form of advertising will be the future trend of brand image building and increase brand awareness.

The Most Popular Bucket Hat Worth Buying

I have to admit that hat has become a must-have item for many people, but in terms of the hat type which is most suitable for spring and summer, I believe bucket hat is the first choice. The bucket hat, which has been on fire for several years, is still the most influential fashion accessory in the world. It has the function of blocking the face and can also match everything and different styles. In addition, if you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can go out with this bucket hat which is funny and practical. LOL

Street style with bucket hat in casual. Credit:

The most common bucket hats have two forms. One is with the narrow eaves and the other is with the wide eaves. Bucket hat with narrow eaves are currently the most popular type. It fits most face shapes and can be worn daily as a commuter accessory. Bucket hat with wide eaves are a bit retro feeling which is suitable for outdoor wear to form a slightly retro style.

Street style with the wide eaves bucket hat. Credit:

It is also the preferred accessory for fashion icons during fashion week. Whether it is a street style or a luxurious style, wearing a bucket hat will become the finishing touch of the integral modeling. It also does not have so many specific requirements for the face shape of baseball caps and newsboy caps. In general, it is very easy to match.

Street style shows bucket hat matching with shirt. Credit:

I don’t recommend buying one that is too soft because the hat shape may collapse easily. In addition, I also don’t recommend buying one which is too thick, such as relatively thick denim fabric or corduroy and other materials because it could be very hot in summer. Therefore, I bring a camouflage bucket hat for you guys. It is simple and versatile, and can be worn with any style. It is produced by the old classic skateboarding brand DC, with excellent quality assurance, full of cultural attributes, and one-size-fits-all that is suitable for people with different head circumferences.

forward and backward Credit:
details Credit:

Buying links :

How To Dress For a Run In Winter ?

Many experienced runners believe that winter is a better season for outdoors running than summer. The reason is that we can’t do anything about the high temperature and humidity in summer. We can only avoid dehydration and hyperthermia by “undressing”. But in winter, we can “fit” to adapt to the weather.

Modern sports fabrics allow runners to wear only two layers in winter, instead of wearing three layers as in the past. Now, what we need is just a breathable underwear and an extra insulation windbreaker. Only in the coldest weather, we need extra protection for a third piece of clothing. In the mean time, Layering for a run can prevents us from sweating when adding or removing clothes and the most basic goal of winter running is to prevent sweat accumulation, so we need to wear the least amount of clothing to keep us from sweating and keep warm.

Chose the right clothes to wear when running in different climate. Credit: Spark People

This chart gives us a reference on how to dress in winter when running:

  • Above 10 ° C: Short-sleeved or sleeveless T-shirt / Shorts;
  • 4 to 10 ° C: Long-sleeved lightweight T-shirt / Capri pants or full-length running pants / light sweatshirt;
  • -1 to 4 ° C: Long-sleeved T-shirt / Running pants / Sweater or fleece / Light mittens or gloves and ear warmers
  • -6 to -1 ° C: Long-sleeved T-shirt / running tights / Fleece and pants / Lightweight running jacket / Hat / Warm gloves
  • Below -6 ° C: Long-sleeved T-shirt and running tights / Fleece and pants / Lightweight running jacket / Hat / Two pairs of gloves / Neck warmer

Overall, we can adjust our clothes according to the climate change to get the most comfortable and healthiest running experience. FOLLOW US on Facebook and Twitter to get all the interesting updates of dressing.

The Lastest Fashion News In March 2020

Masks have become a scarce resource. Alessandro Garofalo/Reuters

1. The Fashion World, Upended by Coronavirus

The growing coronavirus threat chased the luxury fashion world from Milan to Paris. A real crisis looms for designers, retailers and shoppers. Many attendees were sleep deprived; some were already sneezing and coughing from seasonal colds. Design houses were handing out face masks before their shows. Several high-profile American buyers and magazine editors, including those from T: The New York Times Magazine, decided to leave Paris early; some didn’t come at all.

The disease is more likely to survive on a hard surface than a soft surface like fabric. filadendron/E+/Getty Images

2. Can Coronavirus Live On Clothes? Your Fashion Questions, Answered

Now a pandemic, coronavirus is having a major impact on the lives of people across the globe. Major events are cancelled or postponed, travel is restricted, companies are asking employees to work remotely, and a certain segment of the population is just learning how to properly wash their hands. And while many grapple with disruptions to their everyday routine, some coronavirus patients suffer far worst fates as hospital beds fill up and the death toll continues to rise. But there’s still a lot that remains unknown about the virus, specifically as it impacts one of the mainstays of your daily life: your clothing. Can coronavirus live on clothes? Is it safe to rent clothing or shop online?

Wearing our garments for even just a few months longer can reduce the impact they have on the planet. Credit: Alamy

3. Can fashion ever be sustainable?

The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions, and nearly 20% of wastewater. And while the environmental impact of flying is now well known, fashion sucks up more energy than both aviation and shipping combined but there are ways to reduce the impact your wardrobe has on the climate.

Designer used exaggerated modeling to predict the fashion trend. Courtesy of Miu Miu

4. Fall 2020’s Most Important Accessory Trends

Vogue has been chronicling fashion trends since 1892, and for a great span of that time, accessories have taken a back seat to clothing. Debates about shifting hemlines, wild new couture shapes, and the play of sexy silhouettes versus a more serious, ascetic way of dressing have long reigned supreme. The times when Vogue has emphasized the importance of accessories has often coincided with moments of global crisis.

Winter whites, radical plaid, and going green. Courtesy of Givenchy, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton

5. Paris Fashion Week highlights: Fall 2020

Despite nerves in Europe over coronavirus, Paris fashion week remained the most glamorous lap of fashion month. Hedi Slimane showed a beautiful with a last-minute Yeezy show. Celebs Timothée Chalamet and Maisie Williams sat front row, while boldface names surprised on the runway (Rita Ora at Miu Miu).  In many ways — shockingly, wonderfully — it was business as usual. Fantastical frills and all.

5 Most Attractive Fashion Elements in New York Fashion Week

The week-long New York Fashion Week came to an end. We saw lots of brands such as Long Champ, Michael Kors, Coach, Rag & Bone, Marc Jacrobs etc. released their latest designs for autumn and winter. After showcasing one after another styles, I have summarized the following five key design elements, which are most likely to become popular fashion in the fall and winter of 2020, and fashion hipsters must not miss it!

1. Decadent Rock & Rool Style

The popular culture of the 90s has always had a profound influence on fashion design, but it is not about casual mom jeans, but the decadent rock style brought about by rock music (Grunge)! The decadent rock and roll fashion design is very abstract. In other words, it is to emphasize multi-layer dressing, and creates a decadent and unruly image with the untidy silhouette.

2.Equestrian Style

In addition to music culture, many designers also draw inspiration from equestrian sports. Tory Burch, Self-Portrait, and Brandon Maxwell have designed ruffled shirts, equestrian hats, high boots, jackets, belts and other items to add a handsome and free feeling to ladies!

3.Cape Coat Style

Typical long coats can be seen on the street often, but what usually appear on New York fashion show are oversized cape coats. I believe they will be popular coats in autumn and winter. Rag & Bone’s quilted design, Zimmermann’s knit material, and Carolina Herrera’s fleece style. The cloak jackets of various materials have different textures, which give us a deep impression!

4.Circular Chain Element

Whether it is gold or silver, handbag or necklace accessories design, the hoop chain has become an embellished design element. With gold chain as handbag shoulder strap give us a fashionable and luxury feeling, using on neckline jewelry is bold and avant-garde, and the straps on high heels are noble and dazzling. The hoop chain appears on various items wih different forms, showing its variety and diversity!

5.Victorian Style

Vintage style continues to prevail, with brands including Ulla Johnson, Brock Collection, Tory Burch, and Jason Wu coming up with victorian-inspired looks. The jackets and floral dresses that emphasize the shoulder lines highlight the elegant and charm of women. Each look is like a character from the movie “Little Women”!

All in all, the four major fashion weeks are the most important events of the ridiculous fashion circle every year, and the trends of each season continue to bring us freshness, leading and changing our style of dressing . Let’s keep up with fashion trends and dress up beautifully. Welcome to discuss with me in the comments below and follow me with more ideas about fashion! See you later!

What do the people going to the show usually wear?

Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Renner, Wendi Deng and other international
celebrities sitting in the first row watching the fashion show

London fashion week, one of the four major fashion weeks, has just finished a few days, and the most impressive shows are the catwalk shows and the fashion insider who watch the show. Today, let’s change a perspective, instead of talking about the fashion design, let’s talk about what the people watching the show are wearing.

The fact is often different from what people think

For example, the famous fashion blogger Jenny Walton once wore a UNIQLO down jacket to watch the show even where the average price of clothes on the show is tens of thousands. Actually, some people often wear cheap clothes with cheap bags to watch the show. Many people may think that wearing cheap items on important occasions is also very confident and decent, but this idea is only half right.

Now imagine what would happen if Jenny Walton really wore a full set of Uniqlo with sneakers to watch at the high fashion week? The answer is that it looks unprofessional and not very decent. Therefore, you can’t wear cheap clothes all over. You must mix and match high fashion and cheap clothes together to look natural and decent.

Why People don’t dressed up with all luxury?

Some people may ask since it is such an important occasion for Fashion Week, why not just wear the most luxurious clothes directly? Moreover, this method is quite common in fashion circles and entertainment circles. In 1998, Sharon Stone wore a $ 39 GAP shirt and Vera Wang’s skirt to the Oscar red carpet. This set is considered a classic and has been listed on the Oscars’ best dressed list.

Economics expert Tyler Cowen wrote a book called 《The complacent class》, which explained this interesting phenomenon using economic principles: wearing high fashion is actually sending a “signal”, that is showing your taste and strength to others. But in upper class, another hidden idea is also popular, called “anti-signal”, which means that many celebrities will deliberately avoid wear luxury brands from top to the bottom, because they believe that they don’t need to prove themselves with luxuries anymore. Therefore, the perfect formula is to mix luxury brand with low-cost brand.


All in all, luxury brand is a “signal” that highlights your taste and vision. But when you dressed up with all luxury brand and popular items, sometimes it seems very stiff. At this time, wearing one or two pieces of cheap accessories and clothes is a “anti-signal”, which will make you look more confident and friendly.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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