What do the people going to the show usually wear?

Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Renner, Wendi Deng and other international
celebrities sitting in the first row watching the fashion show

London fashion week, one of the four major fashion weeks, has just finished a few days, and the most impressive shows are the catwalk shows and the fashion insider who watch the show. Today, let’s change a perspective, instead of talking about the fashion design, let’s talk about what the people watching the show are wearing.

The fact is often different from what people think

For example, the famous fashion blogger Jenny Walton once wore a UNIQLO down jacket to watch the show even where the average price of clothes on the show is tens of thousands. Actually, some people often wear cheap clothes with cheap bags to watch the show. Many people may think that wearing cheap items on important occasions is also very confident and decent, but this idea is only half right.

Now imagine what would happen if Jenny Walton really wore a full set of Uniqlo with sneakers to watch at the high fashion week? The answer is that it looks unprofessional and not very decent. Therefore, you can’t wear cheap clothes all over. You must mix and match high fashion and cheap clothes together to look natural and decent.

Why People don’t dressed up with all luxury?

Some people may ask since it is such an important occasion for Fashion Week, why not just wear the most luxurious clothes directly? Moreover, this method is quite common in fashion circles and entertainment circles. In 1998, Sharon Stone wore a $ 39 GAP shirt and Vera Wang’s skirt to the Oscar red carpet. This set is considered a classic and has been listed on the Oscars’ best dressed list.

Economics expert Tyler Cowen wrote a book called 《The complacent class》, which explained this interesting phenomenon using economic principles: wearing high fashion is actually sending a “signal”, that is showing your taste and strength to others. But in upper class, another hidden idea is also popular, called “anti-signal”, which means that many celebrities will deliberately avoid wear luxury brands from top to the bottom, because they believe that they don’t need to prove themselves with luxuries anymore. Therefore, the perfect formula is to mix luxury brand with low-cost brand.


All in all, luxury brand is a “signal” that highlights your taste and vision. But when you dressed up with all luxury brand and popular items, sometimes it seems very stiff. At this time, wearing one or two pieces of cheap accessories and clothes is a “anti-signal”, which will make you look more confident and friendly.

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