Credit: Whaledream

If we live to be the age of 70, we will probably pass by more than two million people, greet more than 25,000 early mornings and evenings and of course eat about 76,000 meals. We probably never calculated it before.

Credit: Whaledream

Some meals are three times a day, some meals are once a year, some meals are only once in a lifetime, some meals are not forgotten, and some meals are in a hurry. This group of images connect friendship, love and affection through casual dinners, overtime meals, wedding banquets, family reunion dinners, etc. It tells the story of different meals and meticulously depicts the life of contemporary young people. Through meals, they gradually convey to the audience the thousand tastes of meals and life. I would like to tell all the people every meal and every other experience deserves to be treated well. I guess this could hit the hearts of most people especially who are wandering and struggling outside.

Credit: Whaledream

I think this indicates the life of most us. There is always a situation that will move you, because we may have the same experience. Time will weaken the taste of food itself, but let every meal can be perceived as sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, perhaps, this is life.

Credit: Whaledream

Last, I can add a brand logo to convey the concept which connects to this story. The appearance of the brand logo will not give people a sense of exclusion. What people see more is the expression of the brand feelings of this enterprise. This form of advertising will be the future trend of brand image building and increase brand awareness.

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