How To Dress For a Run In Winter ?

Many experienced runners believe that winter is a better season for outdoors running than summer. The reason is that we can’t do anything about the high temperature and humidity in summer. We can only avoid dehydration and hyperthermia by “undressing”. But in winter, we can “fit” to adapt to the weather.

Modern sports fabrics allow runners to wear only two layers in winter, instead of wearing three layers as in the past. Now, what we need is just a breathable underwear and an extra insulation windbreaker. Only in the coldest weather, we need extra protection for a third piece of clothing. In the mean time, Layering for a run can prevents us from sweating when adding or removing clothes and the most basic goal of winter running is to prevent sweat accumulation, so we need to wear the least amount of clothing to keep us from sweating and keep warm.

Chose the right clothes to wear when running in different climate. Credit: Spark People

This chart gives us a reference on how to dress in winter when running:

  • Above 10 ° C: Short-sleeved or sleeveless T-shirt / Shorts;
  • 4 to 10 ° C: Long-sleeved lightweight T-shirt / Capri pants or full-length running pants / light sweatshirt;
  • -1 to 4 ° C: Long-sleeved T-shirt / Running pants / Sweater or fleece / Light mittens or gloves and ear warmers
  • -6 to -1 ° C: Long-sleeved T-shirt / running tights / Fleece and pants / Lightweight running jacket / Hat / Warm gloves
  • Below -6 ° C: Long-sleeved T-shirt and running tights / Fleece and pants / Lightweight running jacket / Hat / Two pairs of gloves / Neck warmer

Overall, we can adjust our clothes according to the climate change to get the most comfortable and healthiest running experience. FOLLOW US on Facebook and Twitter to get all the interesting updates of dressing.

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