My name is Yi Xiao.  I am an international student from China and I plan to graduate in 2020 Spring. My major is Fashion Design and this is my second bachelor degree. I got a bachelor’s degree in nursing in China. I love Fashion so much, therefore I made up my mind all my works in my life will all about fashion.

Creating a blog is the first step of my career and I named it Yi-Fashion which is going to be a blog keeping up with the latest fashion trends, ideas & style. I am passionate about disseminating and expressing opinions and ideas about this topic so I will continually pay attention to what happens in the fashion circle every week or even every day.

At the same time, I am big fan of Nike and Adidas so I will focus more on “Sport-Fashion”. The reason is that sportswear is the most comfortable and has the most audience. What’s more, I plan to divide the blog into different sections depend on the ages and gender focusing on trends in sports fashion among people of different ages and fields. Combined with neatly layout of the blog to make each article easy to read, I believe more and more people will be my fans.

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