The Most Stylish Sandals of 2020

With the rise of the temperature, we can’t wait to wear a sling out every day, even the feet want to leak out and breathe the wind. Italian handmade brand Dear Frances, minimalist Toteme, and sandals from Givenchy and Balenciaga have all started to appear in the street. In particular, Bottega Veneta’s square-toed sandals are more popular every year. Supermodel Rosie HW is a BV square-toed shoes “wild spokesperson”. She always used a pair of square-toed sandals to brighten up her daily wear.

Bottega Veneta

Manu Atelier from Turkey has only been established for four years, and has won the hearts of many fashionable people. It has become a brand favored by many fashion bloggers, and even a symbol of taste in the fashion circle. This is inseparable from Mr. Manastır, who has decades of experience in making leather goods. His two daughters, Beste Manastır and Merve Manastır, founded the brand in Turkey in 2014. The unique tastes of the two founders, coupled with their father ’s exquisite leather craftsmanship and their common pursuit of traditional craftsmanship The shoes have both fashion and top quality.

Manu Atelier

TKEES’s naked feeling sandals are also going to be a hot cake. It’s made of one of these three materials: 100% natural cowhide, suede or patent leather, and they are all made by hand, which is very comfortable. Although the style is relatively simple, but there are lots of color choices, so far there are about 70 kinds of color we can choose. That’s means you can also pick a color that suits your skin tone, which is pretty cool.


Okay, did you get the most popular sandals this summer? ! Hurry up and be beautiful ~

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