The Most Popular Bucket Hat Worth Buying

I have to admit that hat has become a must-have item for many people, but in terms of the hat type which is most suitable for spring and summer, I believe bucket hat is the first choice. The bucket hat, which has been on fire for several years, is still the most influential fashion accessory in the world. It has the function of blocking the face and can also match everything and different styles. In addition, if you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can go out with this bucket hat which is funny and practical. LOL

Street style with bucket hat in casual. Credit:

The most common bucket hats have two forms. One is with the narrow eaves and the other is with the wide eaves. Bucket hat with narrow eaves are currently the most popular type. It fits most face shapes and can be worn daily as a commuter accessory. Bucket hat with wide eaves are a bit retro feeling which is suitable for outdoor wear to form a slightly retro style.

Street style with the wide eaves bucket hat. Credit:

It is also the preferred accessory for fashion icons during fashion week. Whether it is a street style or a luxurious style, wearing a bucket hat will become the finishing touch of the integral modeling. It also does not have so many specific requirements for the face shape of baseball caps and newsboy caps. In general, it is very easy to match.

Street style shows bucket hat matching with shirt. Credit:

I don’t recommend buying one that is too soft because the hat shape may collapse easily. In addition, I also don’t recommend buying one which is too thick, such as relatively thick denim fabric or corduroy and other materials because it could be very hot in summer. Therefore, I bring a camouflage bucket hat for you guys. It is simple and versatile, and can be worn with any style. It is produced by the old classic skateboarding brand DC, with excellent quality assurance, full of cultural attributes, and one-size-fits-all that is suitable for people with different head circumferences.

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